February 05, 2016

It’s time. They’ve arrived at the Restaurant. They give their name and the hostess leads them into the dining room.

It’s a candlelit table for 2. He pulls out her chair for her, waits until she’s seated and then takes his own. The hostess sets down the dinner menu and smiles as she watches them. It’s the way the man is looking at the woman in front of him, a look that conveys so much love and adoration.

It’s the way the man reaches across the table and takes the woman’s hand. He gently brings it up and places a kiss on the back. The woman looks up from her menu and smiles at him. Both their eyes have a sparkle tonight. Because today is February 14th. Valentine’s Day.

It’s tradition. Each year the couple celebrates Valentine’s Day at Murphy’s. It is their day to cherish each other. It is their day to┬áhave a┬áspecial meal together and Murphy’s always makes their Valentine’s Day the best.


It’s the exquisite cuisine. It’s the atmosphere. It’s the amazing staff. It’s Murphy’s. The couple wouldn’t dream of spending their special Valentine’s Day meal, anywhere else.